Friday, October 7, 2011

Facebook Dev: Free SSL Certificates

Since the announcement of the new Facebook requirement regarding the support of secure canvas for both Facebook Apps and Facebook Pages (from October 1st 2011), numerous articles have been written to explain how you can set up your webserver using either costly SSL certificates or free shared SSL certificates.

Interested readers may refer to the following articles for more information:

Free SSL certificates from StartCom
One option they have left out is the installation of free SSL certificates on your webserver to comply with the new requirements. Various certificate providers offer free for a year certificates, limited certificates, and even totally free SSL certificates to you. The catch is that some of the free certificates are only trusted in new web browsers or they only cover the lowest level of security. For more advanced features you still have to pay. However, for new Facebook Apps the free SSL certificates might very well cover your needs in your production environment, or simply as work as temporary developer certificates.

Back in 2009 Microsoft included StartCom Ltd. in their trusted root certificates. StartCom offers free digital certificates which you can install on your webserver.

For instructions on how to configure your Apache server, check out the good guide by Jason Weathered:

Free webhosting
If you are not familiar with chained certificates or the Apache webserver (or any other webserver) you should consider finding a webhost for your website. For students or test-applications it is also worth cheking out the free webhosting offered for ASP.NET and PHP applications:
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