Saturday, October 8, 2011

MS SQL: Create DateTime

To create a full DateTime structure in Transact-SQL we need to use two of our earlier defined userdefined functions.
 First we generate a raw base date, and then we add the hours, minutes and seconds.

-- Returns a dateTime value for the date and time specified.
create function [dbo].[sudf_Common_DateTime]
      @intYear    int,
      @intMonth   int,
      @intDay     int,
      @intHour    int,
      @intMinute  int,
      @intSecond  int
returns datetime
      -- Create the datetime structure
      return dbo.sudf_Common_Time(@intHour, @intMinute,@intSecond, dbo.sudf_Common_Date(@intYear, @intMonth, @intDay))

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