Saturday, October 8, 2011

MS SQL: Create Time

To create a new DateTime value for a given date and a given time, we can use the userdefined function below. We start by retrieving the raw date (no time portion) of the base date, and then add the hours, minutes and seconds.

-- Returns a datetime value for the specified time at the "base" date (1/1/1900)
CREATE function [dbo].[sudf_Common_Time]
      @intHour    int,
      @intMinute  int,
      @intSecond  int,
      @dtBaseDate datetime
returns datetime
      -- Build the time
    return  dbo.sudf_Common_DateOnly(@dtBaseDate) +
                  dateadd(ss,(@intHour*3600) + (@intMinute*60) + @intSecond,0)
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